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Silver Liquid Mercury

Purchasing a product from Nova is synonymous with quality, prestige and security, as we have more than a decade of being leaders in the distribution of metallic mercury for different applications.

Mercury from Nova is available in stainless steel and iron flasks of 34.5 kg (76 lbs.) on. pallets of 25 - 29 flasks each, standard measure for its trading through international market. In the same way, Nova fulfills with the quality control related to package, properly labeled and sealed according to the rules of international law.

Quality Control
All Nova products have a CERTIFICATE OF ANALYSIS, which details the purification process that allows to have the best product of highest quality worldwide, with the only purpose of providing our customers the best pleasure as possible.

At Nova, we demand ourselves to achieve a product that meets and exceeds the expectations of our customers who rely on us. Therefore, we have a staff of professionals who evaluate all procedures to improve the output of our products, through corrective actions.

These procedures and ongoing assessment, ruled by parameters and policies settled on international standards, guarantee the protection of the environment; turning into a company symbol of security and reliability, which keep us as leaders in the international market.

Mercury Production
Thanks to our modern facility we offer a product with a percentage of 99.99995% high purity, because we have distillation plants, equipped with the latest technology, including systems of physical, chemical and thermal treatment.

Nova is the only producer and marketer of extra virgin liquid metallic mercury in the world, reaching production in thousand tonnes per year. It is worth to mention that, Nova has all the corresponding permissions to operate, in addition to complying with all regulations for the processing of the product.

We care about our community, so we comply with all environmental licenses in each of our processes, which certify the environmental responsibility and supporting us in the daily progress of a society committed to the environment.

Mercury Specification
  • Silver Liquid Mercury : Free from heavy metals
  • Physical State : Liquid
  • Odor : odorless
  • Appearance : Silver
  • Vapor Pressure : 0.002 mm Hg @ 25C
  • Vapor Density : 7.0
  • Viscosity : 15.5 mP @ 25 dig C
  • Boiling Point : 356.72 dig C
  • Freezing/Melting Point : 38.87 dig C
  • Solubility : Insoluble
  • Specific Gravity/Density : 13.59 (water=1)
  • Molecular Formula : Hg
  • Molecular Weight : 200.59

Special -grade mercury Hg 99.99995% Min Purity is produced to order.

Packing : Packed in Standard New Steel flask/cylinder with 34.5 kg (net) in each flask UN-approved with lacquered interiors and transported on wooden pallets or in wooden boxes in a container.

CAS Number : 7439-97-6UN Number: UN2809

Their strict quality control system in each one of the procedures, allows to offer products of first class according to the market demands, as Nova Silver Liquid Mercury exceeds all purity limits due to its high level of continuos distillation. In addition, our products are stored in aired places, protected against sunlight and ignition sources.

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